Travel Plans-Charleston SC pet sitter and dog walker

Have you made your holiday travel plans? For Christmas that is! Thanksgiving is booked(for ATWGT), but we still have openings for the Christmas holiday but won’t for long. Start making plans for Fido now. If not with A Tail Waggin Good Time, make sure you have somewhere for them to stay while you’re away.  But not just any old where!

Most good  pet sitters as well as doggy day cares book fast and only take a certain amount so they aren’t overbooked. What a shame it would be to book your furry pals stay a week or less before the holiday and end up having to use a place or sitter you AND you’re dog aren’t familiar with! It’s a good idea to try out your sitter or doggy day care a time or two for short visits or stays  in advance of the holiday season to make sure they’re a good fit for you.

With that said, do your research and find the best fit for you and your furry pals. Whether it’s with A Tail Waggin’ Good Time, a doggy day care, or another pet sitter, make sure you feel comfortable and most importantly, that your pets will be well cared for while you’re enjoying your holiday, or vacation any time of the year!

Make your reservation online or over the phone!

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