New Rates-West Ashley area of Charleston, SC Pet Sitter

With a new year comes some new petting sitting rates for A Tail Waggin’ Good Time. I thought I’d take a minute…or a blog post to explain or talk about some of these changes. This might get rather long.

You might be first asking why is pet sitting so expensive?

Let me start by saying that Pet Sitting is considered a luxury service and there is no place like the comforts of home, especially for your pets. Pet sitting is a pleasant alternative to boarding. Your pet is being totally catered to and gets to stay in the comfort of their ‘home sweet home’.  Their exact routine is followed in your absence and they have one on one attention that dogs in a kennel don’t get. You get the option of a daily email on how your pets are doing while you’re away and even a photo if you prefer. Do you get that from a  kennel?

Some worry about their pets being left alone at night and would prefer to use a kennel or boarding facility for this reason, but the truth is, in a kennel, your pet is in a cage at night, by themselves surrounded by the barks of other dogs, and unfamiliarity. At least if they are home, they are  in their usual spot, whereever that might be. Maybe it’s that comfy dog bed, on your bed, under your bed, or by the window they love to look out of. 

With pet sitting, you get to meet your sitter, show us exactly what needs to be done, and get to come home to a note full of info on how each and every visit went while you were gone. What funny things did your pet do, how many squirrels did they go after? It’s all there in the note for you to read when you get home while you’re snuggled up next to your furry friend. In a kennel, have you ever met the exact person who’ll be caring for your pets?

In addition to the perks for your pet, your home is also cared for. If requested, your plants are watered, trash is brought to the curb, blinds and lights are alternated so it appears you are home, mail and newspapers are brought in and left on your counter for your return. Your  home is in order and just like you left it. All you have to do when you get home from that long trip is RELAX! If you board, you have to worry about pick up times and possibly having to pay an extra nights stay if you get home after the facility is closed.

Pet Sitting/House Sitting is truly a luxury service and I hope you already knew that, but if you didn’t, now you know why as well as why our rates are what they are.

A Tail Waggin’ Good Time will be celebrating year FOUR in April. It’s not easy work all the time, but I’ve worked very hard to get my business where it is today and I love that I ‘get’ to do this for a living. It’s very important to me that you trust me and my helpers. I want you to have total confidence that when you lock your door and get in your car to leave, you have no worries. You know your pets and your home will be just fine and you can enjoy your much needed vacation. Of course you’ll miss your pets, but you’ll know they are in good hands while you’re away. We’ve got a wonderful reputation, wonderful clients, and almost 4 years of experience behind us. We didn’t make it this far by doing it wrong.

Now to explain the rates. See photo below to view all rate changes and read below for an explanation of some noteworthy things.

The rates reflect pricing for up to 4 pets of the same type as long as proper care can be given to those 4 pets within the alloted timeframe(usually 30 min depending on package chosen).    If you require me to blend food, brush 100 times, walk, then read a bed-time story, we might have to re-negotiate the rates. 🙂

-Walks can be added on for 2 or less pets at a rate of $2 per walk. Walks can not be given for 3 or more dogs for safety reasons. If you have 3 or more dogs that have to be taken outside on a leash to potty, that is considered a walk and the fee will be added.

-If you have 3 dogs and a cat for example, there is an extra fee for the cat care, but would not be the full price of the cat sit. Fish feedings are usually included regardless of how many other dogs you have, but pricing for each extra pet in the household is determined on a case by case basis at or after the initial consultation.

Medications. In the past, I have not charged for this, but after 4 years, I’ve realized, medication administering is not created equal. Some pets require lots of meds that are sometimes ‘trying’ to give. In these cases, an extra fee will be charged. If it’s a simple, ‘pill with food’ or ‘pill with a treat’, there is certainly not fee for this. Med administering fees are determined on a case by case basis after the initial consult. If meds are ever required, I always ask that on the day of the consult,  you save the med administering until the time of the consult so that you can properly show your sitter how it should be given.

Holidays. An additional fee of $10 for the major holidays(listed below), and $7 for all other holidays(listed below) will be applied to your total. Pet sitting on holidays for your sitter is precious time away from family and has to be compensated accordingly.  Which brings me to my next point…

For the past 2 years, on holidays only,  I’ve required half of your total due upon time of booking to reserve your space. I’ll continue to do this with a minor change as it’s greatly reduced my last minute cancelations on holidays and if it is canceled and we’ve turned away clients due to being full, we are at least compensated for that missed client. Remember a pet sitter is spending time away from their own family to care for your pets.  If payment is not received either by paypal or check in the mail, the space is left open and you risk somone else filling that spot. It’s always best to book early b/c once we are full, we turn people away. We don’t over book in case of cancelation. Unfortunately, due to the busy nature of holidays, I’m unable to contact you when I have just 1 or 2 spaces available.  Thanksgiving and Christmas have proved to be the busiest and most quickly booked holidays. I begin taking reservations for both in October.

For 2012 and going forward, I’ll only require the full total plus the holiday fee for the actual holiday. For example, in the past if you book Dec. 23-27, I would total it up, add your holiday fee and request half of that due at time of booking. Now, I will total up the 24th and 25th plus holiday fees and require that total due at time of booking.

Cancelations: In the past I’ve been extremely lenient with this. Why? Because I’m human and just like you and understand that things come up, trips get canceled and sometimes, life just happens. Sometimes people will take advantage of my understanding nature and for this reason, I can only allow one cancelation per year with full refund outside of the alloted time frame(24 hours notice weekdays and 48 hours notice on weekends). All others that are canceled without proper notice as stated in the contract, will need to be paid as agreed.

Click this link to view the pdf of the rate updates.

Thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns!

2012 rate updates-effective 1/1/12

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