Happy New Year-{Charleston Cat Sitting}

Another year has gone and A Tail Waggin’ Good Time is about to turn 5!

With this new year, there’s going to be some changes at ATWGT. With the launch of my photography business and being a mom with a husband who’s job as a police officer is unpredictable, it’s become very hard for me to do pet sits that involve early mornings, evenings, and weekends. I’ve decided to start only taking on new clients that have cats that only need 1 visit per day. This way the visits can be flexible and done during the day rather than late at night when it’s time for my son to go to bed.

I’ve also decided to limit my visit area to west ashley only. If you live off of bees ferry road, you get a discounted rate. All WA areas between downtown and 526 will be the regular rate.

In addition, I’ve decided that next Christmas and Thanksgiving, I can only accept cat visits that are the same as above. One visit per day during the day. Family is so important and getting to enjoy the holidays and time with my own family is hard to do with a full load of pet sits on my plate too. I have loved visiting your pets over the holidays, but it’s time to slow it down a bit and focus on what is the most important to me.

To all ATWGT regulars and daily visits, thank you for supporting and trusting ATWGT with your precious pets and I look forward to another year of visiting them while you’re away or at work!

Have a Happy New Year!!


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